Bald Head Island, NC

Rental Policies

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Please print contract and mail with deposit check. After we receive your check, we will email you a booking confirmation.

Check-In Time at accommodations: 4:00 p.m.
Check-Out Time: 10:00 a.m.
There is no exception during the high season.

Unit phone number is printed on your contract

We will make your ferry reservations and email them to you on your booking confirmation along with a ferry confirmation number. You will need to confirm your ferry reservations by calling the ferry office 30 days prior to your arrival date.

Ferry Arrival Confirmation: (910) 457-5003
Ferry Departure Confirmation: (910) 457-5006

Please allow at least 30 minutes to unload luggage at the ferry landing, park your car and purchase your ferry tickets. Upon departure, make sure all luggage is placed at the end of driveway at designated tram pick-up time.

Parking and ferry accommodations are not included in our rental rates. Currently, parking is $10/day. Currently, ferry tickets are $22/adults and $11/children between the ages of 3 and 12. The cost of the ferry includes your tram ride to your accommodations.

When you arrive at the ferry landing, you will need to purchase your tickets and notify the attendant that you have arrived. Be sure to bring your parking ticket with you and do not leave it in your car. It is much easier to pay for the parking upon departure with your parking ticket already in hand then to have to go back to your car and retrieve it before paying.

When you arrive on the island, no one from our rental agency will be at the ferry landing to meet you. Please ask the tram operator who is greeting arriving passengers or at the ticket office about your tram assignment. You are responsible for claiming your luggage (as you would at a baggage claim at the airport) and taking it to your specific tram.

Bald Head Island’s baggage handling system is similar to that of an airline, so guests should pack as if they were flying to their destination. When guests arrive at Deep Point Marina, they should place their luggage on the baggage racks and make sure an outfitter is aware of their luggage. Nametags are required on all luggage and boxes. Loose items such as open-top bags or boxes, grocery bags, styrofoam coolers, jackets, shoes, tennis rackets, surfboards or fragile items such as video cameras must be hand-carried.

Large, bulky items such as bicycles will require a special cargo ticket that can be purchased at an additional fee when you arrive. These special cargo items will not be transported in trams due to size, sharp edges and grease. Cargo space on the ferry is limited; therefore, it is possible cargo items will not be transported along with passengers. These items may be claimed at the island ferry terminal and transported using a golf cart provided with the accommodations, except bikes which must be ridden to the accommodations and may not be transported via golf cart.

You will receive information regarding the check-in procedure approximately one week prior to your arrival.

The number in your party should not exceed the maximum occupancy as stated under each listing. Private functions/parties are not allowed in rental accommodations without prior approval.

Linens are provided and will be set up for you at your unit. Beach towels are not provided.

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