Bald Head Island, NC
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The Team


Tiffany Williams

For twenty years now, I’ve been helping guests find the perfect vacation home on Bald Head Island. As a resident and mother of two, I’ve had the good fortune over the years of being able to enjoy all the island has to offer and share that with you. Summer after summer, my girls have collected enough shells to ring the island, counted enough stars to make a thousand wishes and sold enough cups of lemonade to quench the thirst of many a parched beach-goer.

I don’t know many other places in the world where a child can ride her bike all day long with abandon, swim to her heart’s content or find fascination in simple, old fashioned things like fishing ‘til the sun goes down, digging for hermit crabs in the island’s tide pools and picnicking at the footsteps of a hundred year-old lighthouse. Over the years, we’ve made countless batches of homemade ice cream and countless memories. You too will make memories on Bald Head Island to take home and cherish forever. If you are searching for the perfect vacation home, let me help you.

Property Coordinator

Joe Basquill

Joe is excited to start his new journey working with Tiffany’s Beach Properties to help care for both the guests and the properties. He grew up right down the street in Wilmington and living on the beach, he understands that you want to rest and relax in the sun and sand, and is looking forward to making that possible for you. Having spent the past few summers living and working on the island he has accumulated a vast array of knowledge on all the things Bald Head has to offer, what to eat, where to play, and most importantly where to set up your umbrella! Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations or if you just want any information about your stay here on this wonderful island of Bald Head.

Sales Team

Kurt Bonney

Kurt Bonney first found his way to Bald Head Island in 1999. He was working in the film industry on a movie called, “The Pavilion” directed by Grant Mitchell of the Mitchell family who developed the island. As fate would have it, Kurt’s wife accepted a job on the island a few years later. He followed suit and has been working in real estate exclusively on the island ever since. Kurt and his wife, Emily, live in Southport with their two young sons, Ethan and Lucas.

Kurt is arguably one of the most knowledgeable real estate agents on the island. When buying or selling real estate in a coastal environment, it goes without saying that you need an agent who knows the island, the complex market and the various environmental, governmental and HOA restrictions that could impact your transaction. Equally important is that Kurt has worked in the market long enough to have experienced vast price fluctuations, a critical component to helping buyers and sellers make the best possible decisions.

Kurt has a passion for working with people and building relationships. He’s big on staying in touch with his clients and keeping them informed on all facets of the real estate market, whether it is searching diligently for just the right property for you or passing along feedback on your real estate showings.

Kurt works with both buyers and sellers. Call or email him today (910) 352-1928!

Company Mascot

Norman “Rockwell”

Norman is approaching his first full year working as the Mascot here at Tiffany’s Beach Properties. He has recently returned from Doggie military school graduating Summa Cum Laude! Hopefully, he won’t have to get any further education. He is excited to put his good training to use this summer.

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