Bald Head Island, NC


So you’ve booked your vacation in one of our amazing houses. Now you’re thinking what the heck do I do? How do I make sure everybody is having fun? Well first let me say, relax, you’re on island time, it’s near impossible to be bored when you’re surrounded by the serenity and beauty that is Bald Head Island. People have been vacationing here for over 40 years, and with each year Bald Head has grown to be a place of fantasy for all who venture out to this little coastal NC oasis. 

Once you arrive, you’ll take a tram to your beautiful Tiffany’s property that has been double checked and triple checked by our amazing team to ensure the property is ready and up to our high standards for you to enjoy your vacation. If you need anything or have questions about your property don’t hesitate to call Chasie our Property Coordinator 910-470-6511, who will be more than happy to assist in any way she can! 

Are you hungry after your long journey? Most likely. Are you thirsty after the stress of driving and packing and wrangling the whole family like a herd of unwavering cattle? A Margarita sounds amazing, thank you. We’ve got some recommendations for you in that regard. If you venture back to marina you’ll find Jules Salty Grub and Island Pub, drink delicious cocktails, eat some fantastic food, all while watching sailboats, john boats, yachts, and the ferry travel in and out of the Bald Head Marina. Feel sorrow for the vacationers starting their trek back as you sip an ice cold cerveza or raise a glass to your other compadres as they make their way to their tram to start their vacation with you. 

In the middle of the island there are a few more spots in the shade of the maritime forest. Jailhouse Provisions, from the team that has been a staple on the island for decades, offers a wonderful menu filled with some highlights like the Fried fish or shrimp baskets baskets, wings, and their chicken sandwich, trust us you won’t be disappointed. They also offer a wide selection of draft NC brews for everybody. Add that to the unique aesthetic on the inside and you’re in for a great time for all. 

Room Service, which you most definitely should stop in. Here you’ll find the art and furniture that is missing from your house, all curated by the innovative, vision of the owner Tiffany Williams and her daughter. Walking into Room Service is like walking into any home you dream about in Architectural Digest. Then stroll over and get a glass of wine at Bald Head Bottle, a “neighborhood” spot. The space is a celebration of good wine, the island’s history, and discovering the next best bottle. 

Pick up your groceries at the Maritime Market or maybe get a wood fired pizza pie from Coppers Pizza or now some Chinese food from Side wok; a new and welcome addition to locals. Walk around Maritime Way and check out the many stores that line the streets, Bald Head Blues, Coastal Urge, and the Island Hardware.

Wow, that’s a lot! That’s barely even the tip of the iceberg. Thought you’d be bored? Spend your day on the beach if you’re a little worn out, East Beach is great for playing in the surf and soaking up the rays. South Beach is wonderful for a peaceful no wake lounge. Walk from tip to tip of the island seeing nothing but ocean water and feeling nothing but ocean breeze. During the beach day, if you’re feeling a little peckish, go grab an italian ice and a hot dog from a local favorite Mike’s Bites stationed right by the Bald Head Island Conservancy. Stop in the conservancy and learn all about the ecosystem and biosphere of our island. 

Feeling adventurous, book a surf lesson, through the East Beach Surf Shop, learn from experts who have been teaching kids to surf for many years. Surfing not your thing? Rent a paddleboard from Coastal Urge! Getting a little tired of saltwater this week? Want to explore the one of a kind majesty of the Bald Head Island marsh? Rent a kayak or go on a guided kayak tour through the east beach surf shop as well. 

Depending on the time of the month you’re on the island you may get to witness a Howl at the Moon. During the week there’s some great activities for everybody in your family to enjoy, Trivia and Bingo at the Wisp is fantastic fun for those competitive souls who dare to try. Sign up in advance as the slots book up FAST!!

Climb up the historic Old Baldy. Bring the little ones to the fire station and learn about Public Safety and all the wonderful things they do for the community while your youngin sits in the fire truck. Go on a spooky Ghost Walk and learn the history of the ghouls that make up the night!

Suffice it to say there’s a lot to do on Bald Head. A week doesn’t even seem like enough time. That’s okay, just go ahead and book your vacation for next summer. All that being said, the most important thing to do on Bald Head, is to be with family and friends. There’s something magical about this island. It brings together young and old, new and legacy. Even if you spend your days sitting on the porch of your house, watching the birds pass by, you’re part of the heartbeat of a wonderful community of people. Enjoy this time together, for a brief moment we’re all one. Let the magic of Bald Head take you for a ride, and remember, you’re on island time.


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